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How much time are you spending every week planning, taking, editing, and cropping the perfect image for your social media accounts?

Even if you only spend 30 minutes per day, that adds up to 30 hours per quarter, almost 4 full days of your time!  That's three weeks over the course of a year.

Wouldn't you rather spend that time working ON your business, not in it?  Or spending time with your family and pets?  Launching your next project or client offering?

As an entrepreneur you've built your brand carefully.  From the logo, colors, and fonts to the core values and messaging.  But you also need to bring your brand to life!

People buy from people and they connect through stories, especially visual ones.  You need images that will build engagement, create a community, and convert with your ideal client.

Personal brand photography helps you do that by telling your story through images.  Even if you own a pet retail business that isn't technically a personal brand you still need to show personality.  It's not enough to use the old product photography techniques and stand out.  

But working with a photography who understands your brand values, your ideal clients (pet parents!), and not just the services that you provide, but the transformations that you offer.....that's what will set you apart.

Show a peak behind the scenes,  candid interactions, happy customers, products being used in real life, etc.  Give your customers a reason to buy from you.

At Real Brand Photography I'll work with you to create a custom plan to supply you with those images, up to 90 days worth in each photo session, in as little time as possible.  I know your time is valuable and you'll love working with a professional.

You'll have consistent images and full creative control on how you want to use them, including commercial rights.  You can have custom images with full usage rights for less than what you'd pay for generic stock images with a commercial license.

And since I'm also a professional pet photographer I know the complexities of photographing animals and specialize in personal brands that involve pets or include pet owners as ideal clients.

Work with a personal brand photographer that understands your needs as an entrepreneur and the unique challenges you face to grow your business.

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I'm Jennifer McCallum and this is one of our four dogs, Bentley. There's usually a foster dog and a few cats in the mix as well.

I help pet focused entrepreneurs and influencers connect with their audience by photographing the stories of their personal brands.

I started Real Brand Photography because I was looking for my own personal branding images to support my pet photography business, Pawdacious Portraits. I wanted:

  • A steady supply of quality images to have on hand
  • Photos from a variety of situations that would tell my story as business owner, pet owner, animal rescuer, wine geek, travel junkie and general goof ball
  • My pets needed to play a large role in the images
  • No watermarks or photographer branding to distract from the message
  • The rights to edit - crop, add text, resize, etc

I couldn't find anyone that could deliver what I wanted. It dawned on me that if I completely understood what I needed and still had a hard time finding a photographer offering those services then other entrepreneurs may have the same pain point. Especially the ones that involve the added complexity of working with animals.

I started my pet photography business because it was the perfect blend of my passion (animals) and skills (photography).  What I didn't realize was how much I would enjoy the business side of it.  It was a ton of work learning to set up a successful business, understanding SEO tactics, leveraging social media to grow a local following, and how to balance it all with giving my four dogs their best life.

Having built my own business I understand what business owners need.  Your time is incredibly valuable and I'll help you maximize it with pre-planning for efficient photoshoots and timely communication.

Audience is the new currency these days. The personal brands that are excelling are the ones that show up authentically and consistently. So if your business features pets, either directly or indirectly, I can help you reach your goals by creating beautiful images to tell your story. 

So don't wait to see the impact that personal brand photography can have on your business.  Start now, I am only taking a limited number of annual clients due to my pet photography business and high customer service levels.

Investment in your brand

Pay less for an annual contracts with quarterly photoshoots book single sessions as needed.  All packages include commercial use licenses and 1 to 2-week turnaround time on edited images. 

Due to my pet photography business I am only signing with 6 more annual personal brand photography clients, to ensure a great client experience.

Very limited availability on the introductory individual sessions.

Additional images can be added to any package.  Travel outside of the Metro Detroit/ Michigan area will incur fees of $600/day plus travel expenses.  

Personal Brand/Influencer

5,000 per quarterly session - 20,000 annual

You're all in to grow your business through visual storytelling.  And you want it all.  Seriously, all the images from your quarterly photo sessions.

All gallery images, commercial use

Up to one full day of shooting

Online gallery for downloading

Pre-sized for various social media channels

One week turnaround 

Local Business

2,000 per quarterly session - 8,000 annual

Perfect to showcase client transformations, new products, behind the scenes, etc.  Quarterly sessions to keep a fresh flow of images coming.  

40 images, commercial use

Up to four hours of shooting if needed

Online gallery for downloading

Pre-sized for various social media channels

One week turnaround 

Single Session

2,500 per session - no annual contract

Ideal for businesses that don't need quarterly updates or prefer to schedule ad hoc.  Can be applied to future annual contract.

30 images, commercial use

Up to three hours of shooting if needed

Online gallery for downloading

Pre-sized for various social media channels

Two week turnaround 

Introductory Session

1,000 per session- no annual contract

For those clients who need just a few images or want to try it out on a smaller scale.  Limited availability and one per client.

10 images, commercial use

Up to two hours of shooting

Online gallery for downloading

Pre-sized for various social media channels

Two week turnaround 

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